“Chuck Fries’ career in the entertainment industry spans over six decades. In the “Golden Days” of the Television Movie -- the twenty-five year period from 1968 to1993 -- he became its Godfather and enjoyed the creative and financial rewards of someone at the top of his game.” -Peter Guber, Chairman Mandalay Entertainment

“Chuck Fries had a front-row seat for the birth of the TV movie and indeed the television business. He's still producing to this day.” -Brian Lowry, TV Critic Variety

“Between his formative years in Ohio and the creation of his large family and subsequent marriage to Ava Ostern, who produced her life story in the movie I starred in, Troop Beverly Hills, for their companies, Chuck Fries recounts the exciting details of a life in the fast lane in the entertainment industry.” -Shelley Long, Actress

“Chuck Fries says in his book, “The life work of a producer is similar to the Colossus, a gigantic roller coaster ride at Magic Mountain in California . On any one day you never know what level or incline you will be riding on -- up or down or upside down. It’s exciting, exhilarating and often very scary, so you hang in and are relieved when you end the ride safely.” He is so right!” -Vin Di Bona, Creator and Executive Producer of America 's Funniest Home Videos

“I've had starring roles in several of Chuck Fries' films, including "The Initiation of Sarah," which launched my career in television movies, and I know the creative care he contributes to every film. It is reflected in this book and some of his anecdotes are amazing revelations of his production prowess!” -Morgan Fairchild, Actressnd Political Activist

“At an American Film Institute presentation of the Charles W. Fries Producer of the Year award, Frank Von Zerneck told the assembled group, “Chuck Fries is the Godfather of the Television Movie,” and thus was born the title for this book.” -Leonard Stern, Producer, Writer, Director and Co-Creator of Mad Libs

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